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Sail Mast Boom Uphaul Sailbag Mast adapter Color 
1.5 RDM Alu 228 cm Kid 100-140 cm   Blue
2.0 RDM Alu 267 cm Kid 110-150 cm   L Blue
2.5 RDM Alu 296 cm  Kid 110-150 cm   Green
3.0 RDM EPX 311 cm  Kid 110-150 cm   Pink
3.5 RDM EPX 338 cm  Kid 140-190 cm   Yellow
4.0 RDM EPX 360 cm  Adult 140-190 cm Purple
4.5 RDM EPX 383 cm  Adult 160-210 cm Orange
5.0 RDM EPX 400 cm Adult 160-210 cm Black
5.5 RDM EPX 415 cm  Adult 160-210 cm Red

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