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Where to buy the R-Shape Pre-Preg Mono OVAL
Boom Shape Min. Length Max. Length Weight Grip Diameter Material Tail
Monocoque PP OVAL R-shape 200 cm 260 cm N/A 29 PP Carbon Wide
Monocoque PP OVAL R-shape 230 cm 290 cm N/A 29 PP Carbon Wide
Monocoque PP OVAL R-shape 250 cm 310 cm N/A 29 PP Carbon Wide

Will my boom fit RDM or SDM masts?

Both! All Unifiber booms are compatible with Standard Diameter Masts (SDM) and Reduced Diameter Masts (RDMs). The Aluminium C-Shape Monocoque 26 mm. and Aluminium Junior require an RDM-to-SDM adapter to be purchased separately. Check full boom range specifications matrix. 

How do Unifiber measure boom diameter thickness?

Unifiber measure their quoted tube diameter – not including the EVA grip -  in the centre of the harness line area. This is because the grip thickness can vary over time and also because some models feature a tapering of thickness over the boom length.

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