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Available box types: Powerbox / US Box
Available sizes: 21/23/25 cm.


Fin Selector:  

                                                                 Sail Size

BOARD VOLUME 3,7 4,2 4,7 5,0 5,4 5,8 6,2
70 21 21 21 21 21

80 21 21 21 21 23 23
85 21 21 21 21 23 25 25
21 21 23 23 25 25
21 21 23 25 25 25

What if my Tuttle/Deep Tuttle fin in is too wide for the finbox in my board?

The universal width for Tuttle boxes is 16 mm., which is the size Unifiber consistently produce at due to manufacturing standards.  (Although, based on our research over several seasons however, our recorded average is 15.83 mm.) There is however a large tolerance in fin box widths from the major board producers with variances of well over a millimetre found even in just our own experience from several leading board brands. In fact most fin producers are much more consistent in manufacture than the largest board manufacturers. You can reduce the thickness of a fin to fit a box using an orbital sander for example, but we advise you proceed with cation and only aim to reduce the width by super small increments, e.g., around 0.1 mm. per side at a time.
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