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Rider reviews - windsurfing travel bags

Tim Reinieren at

Norwegian racer Miriam Rasmussen puts some serious miles in behind the wheel and in the air as a busy Often seen competitor, road-tripper, clinic organiser, vacationer - and windsurfing kids' Mum!

Often seen pulling her 'board bag trains' through airports she's a savvy packer and knows all the right tricks for a smooth journey.

Here's her top picks and things she loves most from the Unifiber bag range:

(From left)

1. Boardbag Pro Luxury I use these to protect my boards when I’m traveling by car or van and for day-to-day trips to the beach. The only occasion the boards get out of these bags are when they’re being packed in the larger bags for traveling by air.

2. Next the Roofrack Quiverbag to attach on your cars roof rack, I chose this bag as its long enough to accommodate my biggest sails and longest masts.  I put the 7.8 and 8.6 and all the masts in there. (the other bags won’t fit 490 masts and up inside). You attach the bag underneath so the straps don't crush your sails and the bag can stay securely on the roof when its windy making it easy to access only what you need.Unifiber also make a board bag version too.

3. … then my favorite - the Small Equipment Carry Bag: I’ve got 3 of these - a great way of keeping control of your smaller gear. Fins, mast bases, extensions, ropes screws, tools and what have you.  As it happens, I’m just a little bit disorganized, so I find it so much easier to be maintain control when I have these! This one comes highly recommended!

4. I’m standing on another piece of Unifiber smartness - the Wetsuit Carry Bag (its put upside down in the pic, the right way when using it is logo down)  I pack my neoprene stuff in here, and stand on it when I change - no more sand (or mud!)  in-between my toes!  After I finish sailing I put my wetsuit inside, and can safely put it inside the car without having to fear for water leaks or rust inside!

5. Then another single board bag - I got 3 of these for my slalom board, will get another two for my waveboards so all my boards are protected.

6. On the far right is my Wheeled Double Boardbag. I use these for air travel - I pack one board, one boom, two sails and two masts in each, and get exactly 32 kg. inside! So depending on where I go, and for how long I stay, I bring two or 3 packages like this. The downside of wheeled bags is the added weight of the wheels. The definitive pro of this solution is the versatility added to the bag because of the wheels. I have on several occasions travelled alone with 3 bags and I know I would be totally lost if I couldn’t tie the bags to each other, train style, and haul them by myself!

In summary - all organizing, handling and traveling with windsurfing gear is made infinitively easier and good looking with the bags and accessories from Unifiber!