Product comparison

Pros & Cons

  • Full Carbon Sandwich for lowest possible weight
  • Boardbag and mast joint are standard included
  • Allround race performance across a wide range of different body weights and wind strengths
  • Registered to compete by the World Sailing International Raceboard Class
  • The daggerboard can be tuned in effective length and angles adapting to different conditions
  • Fin is not included

Hard Boards

Compare Product Technology Volume Length Width Weight +/- 6% KG Fin Box Sail Range
Raceboard Proteus 378 Carbon Including Boardbag w/o Fin Carbon Sandwich 316 L 378 cm 68 cm 13.8 kg Deep Tuttle Box 7.5 - 9.5

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Check out an extensive overview of all the available specifications.


What does 1 Year Unconditional + 1 Year Conditional warranty cover?
Warranty is valid 2 years after date of purchase. When making a warranty claim in the first year the product is unconditionally warranted. When making a warranty claim in the 2nd year the product must have clearly suffered from a manufacturer error.
Why is my mast track cart wearing out so quick?
When you step on the mast track adjustment knob to change the mast foot position from one setting to the other it will scrape over the mast track step adjustment profile. This will cause the mast track cart to wear out quicker. To avoid quick wear we suggest keeping the mast track adjustment knob pressed in until the mast foot position reaches the final position.
Why is my daggerboard having small bubbles underneath the finishing paint layer?
Most likely the daggerboard was stored in a non-vented environment like a boardbag or similar storage area with a lot of humidity causing osmosis. Osmosis can be avoided by drying your daggerboard before storage as well as avoiding extreme humidity storage locations.
Which fin should I use on my Proteus Raceboard?
For average weight sailor and 'normal' conditions, we advise to use a 51cm fin. For strong winds and/or light-weight sailors: 47-49cm. For heavy-weight sailors and/or light winds: 53-55cm. Most raceboard class sailors only use one fin for all conditions. Box type: deep tuttle. We recommend the Select SI Pro.