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Brand Story

First, came a passion for windsurfing. Then, great dedication to turn this passion into an independent windsurf accessory brand. That passion and dedication remain, and today Unifiber's range of windsurf accessories meets the demands of all windsurfers from beginner to pro-team rider.

How it started

Since the Unifiber brand was launched in 2003, founder and owner Job Verbunt from the Netherlands has held a clear no-nonsense attitude: be clean and simple in product design and attitude, provide quality at a fair price, and back this up with a genuine warranty policy.

Being a passionate windsurf enthusiast since the early nineties, Job understands what riders need and is welcoming of - and responsive to - product feedback.

Job started Unifiber with a range of two Reduced Diameter (RDM) carbon masts and two RDM carbon mast extensions. He immediately rejected the industry's cynical marketing-led habit of annual product 'changes' that have no basis in real product development - a practice that negatively impacts upon both dealers and their customers.

From those beginnings a decade ago, the Unifiber brand has developed to now offer in excess of 500 products with availability in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Culture of 'Listen and Improve'

We have continued our methodical approach of 'listen, learn and improve', being careful to ensure that new or evolved products offer genuine advantages over their predecessors.

Our initial focus was on the production of high quality and good value after-market masts, offered in all the major bend curves. When RDM masts became popular we broadened our range, ultimately resulting in a Unifiber offering of close to 100 different mast models. There is now a Unifiber mast that is matched - in terms of diameter, bend curve characteristics, and carbon content - to the requirements of almost every sail from every sail brand. Our benchmark Mast Selector Tool, available since 2010, is a trusted source for bend curve information and mast/sail compatibility for the windsurfing industry.

Investment in the brand led to the establishment of an ongoing R&D program. Our forward-looking focus is on continued attention to product detail, high standards of customer service, and clear advice that enables customers to make informed product choices.

Sharing Knowledge

Windsurfing - we all know - is one of the greatest inventions of all time! But to the newcomer especially it can be confusing. Basic knowledge of windsurfing, and of the gear itself, is essential to getting the best out of the sport.

Unifiber offers a comprehensive range of products and explains the choices available to customers with educational content. This helps windsurfers of all disciplines and levels of expertise to select kit that best matches their requirements.

Enjoy the ride!

Job Verbunt Founder/Owner