Product comparison

Pros & Cons

  • Modular "Configure Me" RDM & SDM Compatible High Performance Boom Head
  • High quality T8 aluminium
  • Monocoque solution enhances stiffness and durability
  • Comfortable reduced 26mm diameter grip for kids and juniors
  • Monocoque shaped booms are stronger then 3-piece screwed boom arms
  • High density EVA grip sections on the front arch for maximum abrasion resistence
  • Performance bolts not included

Windsurf Boom Specifications

Compare Product Construction Stiffness Grip Diameter Tube Wall Thickness Boom Tail Inner Width Weight +/- 6%
Aluminium Essentials JR Monocoque 110-160 Aluminium T8 ** 26 mm 1.4 mm 9 cm 1.751 kg
Aluminium Essentials JR Monocoque 140-190 Aluminium T8 ** 26 mm 1.4 mm 9 cm 1.941 kg

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