Product comparison

Harness Knowledge

Unifiber has a harness to suit all shapes and sizes and any type of hook height or windsurfing stance preferences.

The range consists of:

  • Thermoformed Waist
  • Thermoformed Waist SC (Support & Comfort)
  • Thermoformed Waist FL (Flexible & Light)
  • Standard Waist  / Waist with kite handle
  • Freeride Seat
  • Race Seat

Compare features, weights and sizes of Unifiber harnesses

Unifiber understands that windsurfers come in all shapes and sizes and have different preferences on what level of back support and flexibility and hook height they’d like for the type of sailing they do.

See if your harness hook is too high and read about how to pick the best windsurfing harness for you

They also understand that a well-fitting harness makes a big contribution to a long and fun day on the water, but this should be at a fair price with a decent balance of quality and performance.

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