Product comparison

Pros & Cons

  • Less line swing
  • The clear tube allows rope wear to be spotted in advance
  • For installation it is necessary to remove the boom back-end

Windsurf Harness Lines Specifications

Compare Product Harness Line Buckle Way of mounting Swing Indication Weight +/- 6%
Harness Lines Fixed 22 Inch Fixed Medium Swinging 0.2 kg
Harness Lines Fixed 24 Inch Fixed Medium Swinging 0.205 kg
Harness Lines Fixed 26 Inch Fixed Medium Swinging 0.217 kg
Harness Lines Fixed 28 Inch Fixed Medium Swinging 0.218 kg
Harness Lines Fixed 30 Inch Fixed Medium Swinging 0.237 kg
Harness Lines Fixed 32 Inch Fixed Medium Swinging 0.247 kg

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