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Windsurf Accessories

Great accessories help deliver the most enjoyable and memorable windsurfing sessions. At Unifiber we are totally dedicated to keeping you on the water - with a big smile!

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Uphauls are a near-essential 'accessory' - making it possible to pull the sail out of the water! Some high level windsurfers don't use uphauls as they have well developed skills in waterstarting and only sail in stronger winds, but we'd recommend keeping at least a light weight uphaul as a backup. Uphauls with thicker padding are more comfortable on the hands - great for more basic level windsurfers!

Regular vs Padded(Luxury) uphaul

Windsurfers who struggle for the power to uphaul the sail may consider the Unifiber Effortless Uphaul. Use your harness to hook into the easy-access loop at the end of the line and uphaul the rig by bodyweight rather than arm strength.

Effortless uphaul

Harness Lines

Harness lines fit on the boom and the enable the harness-wearing sailor to be able to 'hook in' onto the rig, thereby greatly reducing the amount of effort required during normal sailing. Harnesses together with harness lines allow for much longer and more enjoyable sessions. Most windsurfers would consider them essentials rather than accessories!

Relating to harness lines, features to consider include:


Harness lines are available to cover a range of 'standard' lengths, with fixed-length and adjustable options. There are many factors that influence preferred line-length: sailor height, preferred boom height, harness hook height, riding style etcetera.


Some lines are 'swingier' than others, and some riders have a strong preference towards either swingier or less swingy lines! Harness lines that have minimal swing have stiffer or reinforced webbing around the union between boom fixing and the line itself.

Attachment system: Fixed

To fit or remove lines with a fixed attachment system requires the back-end of the boom to be removed. The attachment loop is made bigger and the line then slid onto the boom. Then - with the line correctly positioned - the loop is then pulled tight and the velcro closure secured.

Adjustment system: Quick

Quick harness line use a buckle and webbing strap to secure to the boom. These style of harness lines do not require back-end removal, though the fixing is a little bulkier on the boom.


The length of adjustable lines can be fine tuned at any time. This makes it possible to adjust gear setup to adapt to the conditions.

Adjustable Outhaul Kit

For use with bigger sails an adjustable outhaul kit can offer real advantages. Adjustments to outhaul tension can be made 'on the fly': increase tension for a flatter and more depowered sail, decrease tension for more fullness and power.

Before purchasing an outhaul kit it is important to check if your boom is compatible. Most booms that are prepared for adjustable outhauls have back-ends that feature at least two pulleys.

Use any outhaul kit in combination with a double outhaul pulley. The double pulley makes outhaul adjustment much lighter and more fine-tunable. Triple pulley in back end of boom is required.

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