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Lots of wavesailors favour wider tails on their booms these days, especially for onshore wave ring control. Here's some additional thoughts from Brand Ambassadors Steve Thorp and Dennis Little on the benefits of having straighter, more parallel tubes form modern boom shapes and wider back ends for racing and speed-sailing use too. 


I do 2 types of sailing - wave and speed. For waves I prefer RDGs (Reduced Diameter Grips) in carbon.

After first using a carbon boom I've never gone back to Aluminium. I prefer the direct feel plus they last forever (assuming you can get the spare clips easily, as that’s usually the only part to fail eventually) so they really are worth the investment as I often found Aluminium booms would fatigue at the front and snap after 2 or 3 season’s abuse.

For speed, again I use the best carbon one for the job - it's a no brainer!

Stiffer and better power transfer - and less sail distortion due to less boom distortion.

I like a 'wide tail’ for speed.

We often try to set the outhaul very negative for really broad conditions, so the wider arms let the sail out further without folding over the boom tubes.

Unlike many others, I don't use an adjustable outhaul as I prefer a secure fixing to the clew and feel that less bits flapping about is more efficient.

Plus, with small race/speed sails in strong wind you don't really need to crank the outhaul on to get back upwind I can get back to the start point fine with zero outhaul.

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For all the Formula racing I do with my Loftsails Racing Blades I have to have carbon for the extra long arm extensions lengths – up to 240 long – that we use.

I use a ‘C-shape’ boom now, which was strange in the beginning after leaving ‘traditional’ outlines, since I missed grabbing the new side after a transition!

But now I’ve used it for more than one season I love the wider shape in the front and wouldn’t want to go back to the ‘old’ shape anymore.

I also prefer the wider tail end models and straighter, more parallel arms since this provides me better control and strength and works well with adjustable outhaul pulleys for quick pulling or releasing of the outhaul tension while speeding down the courses.

In fact, in an ideal world I’d go with an even wider back end with pulleys on both sides for even easier trimming as you cruise!