Product comparison

Pros & Cons

  • C60 very strong and budget friendly mast
  • Durability
  • More reponsive than RDM C40 spec masts
  • Less reponsive then RDM C80 and C100 masts
  • Mastbag is not included - but is available as a separate option
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Windsurf Mast Specifications


What is the internal diameter of Unifiber's RDM masts?
Unifiber RDM masts have a 33-mm. internal diameter up to 600 mm. from the base, tapering to 32mm above 600mm.
What does 1 Year Unconditional + 1 Year Conditional warranty cover?
Warranty is valid 2 years after date of purchase. When making a warranty claim in the first year the product is unconditionally warranted. When making a warranty claim in the 2nd year the product must have clearly suffered from a manufacturer error.