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1. Equipment Carry Bag

Chances are you either know a super messy or a hyper-organised windsurfer. Either way or in between the two extremes, you won't go wrong with an Equipment Carry Bag so their vehicle can become more ordered and tidy.

2. Wetsuit Carry Bag

Fed up of riding in stinky vans and cars that reek of wet wetsuits? Give them one of these wetsuit carry bags and they'll be able to prevent rust and seal up the smell of the sodden suit - plus it doubles as a handy changing matt to prevent sandy, muddy feet from walking into your house when they're hungry after sailing.

3. Collapsible Beach Cart

Perfect for kids and cycling to the beach, SUPs, Kayaks and for traveling with big, heavy bags through airports. Light and strong and packing down easily to maximise space this collapsible beach cart is a winner for the young and adventurous. 

4. Rigging Winch

Though windsurfers tend to use whatever falls in their hands to trim their sails, a higher level of comfort coming with the right trimming tool will be highly appreciated. 

Allowing to rig and fine-tune any sails with little or no effort, a 2-in-1 Winch is a spot-on choice for all windsurfing lovers.

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