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Windsurf Bags

Unifiber’s functional soft goods range consists of hard-wearing bags to protect your precious toys while travelling. When considering buying a new bag there are several points to consider. Read on for the detail...

Bag Main Fabric

Fabric type influences the durability of a windsurf travel bag. In general, for bags that are destined for significant wear and tear we recommend polyester 600D as the more durable option.

Polyester 400D is better suited to lighter gear.
Polyester 400

Water repelling polyester does match the same mechanical properties as polyester 600D, and is not completely waterproof, but it does offer the advantage of not soaking up as much water when compared to regular polyester 600D.

Polyester 600D

Tarpaulin used on Unifiber bags is higher quality and more tear resistant then standard quality's tarpaulin. It is a light and economic choice of fabric.

Bag Padding Thickness

A soft foam padding material is used in travel bags for additional protection. Padding thickness varies and is usually 2, 4, 6 or 8mm -  the thicker the padding the more protection.

Bag Zippers

In general, wider zippers have better strength. Zipper number (#) refers to the width across the zipper teeth when closed. For example a #6 zipper is 6mm across, a #8 zipper is 8mm across, etc.

Bag Zippers

Why Choose Unifiber Windsurf Travel Bags?

Unifiber use only high-grade abrasion-resistant fabrics, closed-celled foam and quality zippers - no flimsy plastic parts.

The range is comprehensive for all kinds of travel and focuses on keeping both gear and vehicles safe and dry. With extensive use of Water Repellent Polyester, and tarpaulin fabrics that are moisture resistant and easy to keep clean, our travel bags are ready for serious and regular action.

Unifiber give a comprehensive one year unconditional warranty on all bags, and a further two years' cover for manufacturing faults.